Nevella – Nevella Probiotics 100 Tabs


  • Nevella® DiaBetter™ is a no calorie sweetener with probiotics.
  • Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your digestive tract and help maintain intestinal health.
  • Good digestive health boosts your immune system.
  • Nevella® DiaBetter™ contains no calories per serving and stays sweet in cold and hot beverages and even in baking. It is made with sucralose, which is FDA approved as a safe sweetener.
  • Nevella® DiaBetter™ is suitable for people with diabetes; it has no effect on insulin or blood glucose levels. Consult your doctor or dietician regarding probiotics.
  • Nevella® DiaBetter™ Tablets are perfect to sweeten your coffee or tea!
  • Every tablet is as sweet as one teaspoon of sugar but contains no calories!