Our journey started in 1972 with “North Trading Co.” operating across Lebanon as the sole distributor of several worldwide industries such as Sonax and Choufou.
In 2000, Parazed emerged as a medical supplies distributor for the healthcare sector. Later in 2003, the first Alam retail pharmacy saw light in North Lebanon.

By responding to customers’ specific needs with a touch of personalization and superior customer service, Alam Pharmacy became a leading pharmacy in Lebanon.
In 2004, Alampharm was established as a pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical distributor over the Lebanese territories.

Alampharm soon earned an enviable position in the Lebanese market by developing a strong and diversified portfolio of high-quality products, a dedicated team of health care professionals and high caliber marketing people.

You can certainly count on our forty-seven years of industry experience fulfilling all healthcare needs to key market segments in Lebanon.


  •  To source high quality products from reputable companies around the world and make them available at reasonable prices within the Lebanese market.
  • To respond to the medical body’s demands by providing a full spectrum of pharmaceutical products, while making drugs information accessible as well as constantly securing a reliable stock.
  •  To develop a successful partnership and strong business relationship with top pharmaceutical companies nationwide.
  • To adapt to the ever-changing needs of the medical industry.
  • To invest in diversified and profitable businesses.
  • To provide access to safe, affordable and high quality healthcare products to all market segments including wholesalers and hospitals, while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Our vision is to preserve our position as a leading pharmaceutical distributor and marketer in Lebanon by meeting the needs of our customers, suppliers and business partners.
    Additionally, we aim to expand regionally by providing high-quality, affordable and innovative products to the pharmaceutical market.



  • Ethics & Standards. We value ethical and professional standards and abide by the highest criteria of skillfulness and morality in everything we do.
  • Local market knowledge. We have a deep understanding of the local pharmaceutical market dynamics, current and emerging competitive environment and the evolution of the regulatory framework and government health policy.
  • Relationships. We emphasize excellence in every aspect of our relationships with wholesalers, hospitals and opinion leaders amongst specialist physicians.
  • Sales & Marketing. We adopt innovative sales and marketing strategies. We combine sales and marketing-experience in the pharmaceutical industry with creative and innovative approaches.

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